Top Five Beaches in Florida

Florida is well-known for having some of the most magnificent beaches. Therefore, you can be sure of enjoying some of the best beaches if you will be touring this region.  Florida is renowned for having magnificent beaches and you can definitely enjoy one of them.  Stay in one of the leading Florida beach home rentals to make your trip more practical. It will also give you an opportunity to experience the other attractions of the city. Let us look at some of the top beaches that you will find in Florida.

  1. Key West

Key West is an excellent area in Florida where families can visit. If you are planning to travel with your family, you may rent the Key West resort condo as you hit the beach. You will be able to visit various tourist attractions of the city like the Key West Nature Preserve, Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, Astro City, and do some water sports.

  1. Miami Beach

Apart from the surf, sun, and surf of the Miami Beach, visitors may also look upon the rich history of the city as an entertainment and cultural destination. There is so much that you can do in this place and its wiser to lodge in a vocational rental home instead of checking in one of the hotels. Miami beach has several rentals that you can choose from if you want to get the most from the city.

  1. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is located in the Emerald Coast area and boasts of glistening emerald green waters and white sandy beaches. Most tourists like this destination because it has soft sand that squeak literally when you walk on it. Apart from the beach itself, it is also close to several attractions like the Pine Log state Forest and St. Andrew State Park. You will also find several vacation rentals in the region and hence you can rent one and enjoy the beach, restaurants, and other tourist spots without traveling too far.

  1. Daytona Beach

This beach is located in the Eastern Central of Florida and offers several vocational rental houses that are located right next to the beach itself. Apart from enjoying the sand and sun, you will also watch several races and motorsports at Daytona Beach especially at the Daytona international speedway.

  1. West Palm Beach

This beach is situated right at the center of South Florida and offers over forty miles of gorgeous beaches. It is close to the Gild Stream and hence has warm water throughout the year and hence rendering it a favorite beach destination for anyone who visits Florida regularly.  This place offers a broad range of activities from shopping to hiking to kayaking to snorkeling. Most visitors also enjoy to watch the launch of space shuttles over the ocean while they are lifting off from Cape Kennedy. You may go through the West Beach vocational homes and cottages listing and you will get an affordable one that is close to the beach among the other tourism attractions like the McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary and Lion Country Safari. All these beaches will give you an excellent experience when touring Florida.

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