Top destinations for a holiday in South India

South India comprises of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. It has a distinct culture which differentiates it from the other country. It is not just that; every state has had to manage to retain its identity. Historical ruins, intricate temple architecture, spirituality, beach, and palm-fringed canals will give you an exciting and varied trip. This write-up highlights top places to tour when you visit South India for your holiday. Align local showcases many exciting destinations that are hard to choose on the ones to omit and the ones to visit.

Hampi, Karnataka

The laid Hampi village, which is among the top historical destinations of India, was once a capital of Vijayanagar, which is one of the great Hindu empires in the history of India. It has captivating ruins intermingled with large boulders which rear up on the landscape. Ruins that date back to fourteenth industry stretch for twenty-five kilometers and has more than five hundred monuments. Incredible energy can get felt in this old location. Hampi is usually visited from Goa since there are several transport options from this place.

Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal, Karnataka

Heritage sites of Pattadakal, Aihole, and Badami that was formerly called Vatapi are a side trip that is worthwhile from Hampi. They are rich in temples, ruins, and monuments from Chalukya Empire that ruled between the fourth and eighth centuries. The popular Chalukya architecture style originated Aihole, and the whole village is full of one hundred and twenty-five stone temples, which does not bear the attention they need. Badami is among top places for seeing caves in India, with sets of magnificent temples that are cut from rocks. Pattadakal is small but has an impressive complex of temples.

Kerala Backwaters

Cruising alongside fringed canals of Kerala, known as backwaters, is an experience that is quintessential during which the time seems to be standing still. Indian food prepared by the chef and chilled beer on the boat make it additionally enjoyable. It is possible to spend a night on the boat, in the middle of the water, with the surroundings of serenity. While in this area, why not stay for two nights at a homestay in backwaters or a resort? You will be able to fest on prepared seafood as per traditional recipes.

Varkala, Kerala

The fairy tale of the beach in Varkala beach can take away your breath, with the long winding stretch of views and cliff that extend on the Arabian Sea. The paved footpath runs on the length of the cliff, beach shacks, quaint shops, coconut palms, guest houses, and hotels. Snuggled below the cliff is the sparkling beach that is reached by the steps leading downwards from the top of the cliff. The truth is that Varkala is among the best beaches of India. You can catch the temple festival when you visit during the late March or early April.

Fort Kochi, Kerala

Known as a Kerala Getaway, Kochi is a city that is enchanting with an eclectic influence. The Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, British, and Arabs have left marks on this city. Many people recognize it from photos of famous Chinese fishing nets lining the waterfront. Fort Kochi has many historical and architectural sites and is a great place for strolling and exploring on foot. You can get the Ayurvedic treatment and catch Kathakali dance performance.

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